Hello!  I’m Hollie, a rescued sinner and thankful servant of Christ.  I’ve been married to my beloved husband, Josh, for almost four years now. He has his own blog over at Reformed Virginian.  The Lord has blessed us with five precious souls to raise for His glory:  Emma (12), Rylee (8), Titus (3), Zoe (1), and a baby due in December 2015.  We couldn’t be more honored.

Doctrinally, we are Reformed Baptists.  A summary of our beliefs can be found in the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.  Currently, the Lord has our home in a small town in Virginia.

My days are spent home-schooling, child training, loving, laughing, cleaning, and looking for ways to continually point my children (and myself) to Christ and His Cross.  As such, much of my writing here will concern those aforementioned topics.  Blogging is not a “have-to” but a “get-to” for me, so there will be seasons where I disappear from posting.


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