Thankful Thursday 5/14/14

I am thankful God is in control. I am thankful that He ordains my days. Current trials are not here by chance, but chosen especially for me from His loving hand. He knows what I need to be refined.

I am thankful for the two Titus 2 women in my life. One is far away, one is closer. I count myself blessed to know each of them. And they take time out of their very busy lives of raising lots of children to answer my questions, pray for me, and just be a friend.

I am so thankful each time I hear Titus tell me “Love you!” in his adorable toddler voice and when little Zoe echoes his words too!

I am thankful for bacon and cheese — what a yummy way to get protein in your body!

I am thankful for new quilts and curtains … sunshine and freshly mowed grass. Cards in the mail, and curious toddlers. Kisses from my husband and his reassuring words and faithful prayers.I thank God for ant traps and coffee and rest.

I am thankful for wise women that minister to us younger ones (examples: Revive Our Hearts and Homewise Podcasts)


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