Number 5

The Lord has blessed us again. That’s right, we are now parents of five. My smallest child is warm and cozy in my womb and due to make an appearance sometime in December 2014. We are overjoyed at this news. I am thankful friends and family have been happy to receive the news from us. God has been merciful that this time around there’s been no negative comments whatsoever. 
With this news I had to stop my two most helpful herbal tinctures for my depression/anxiety. They aren’t safe for early pregnancy. I have already noticed a slight increase in my anxiety levels. I will get through it though. Thankfully, I can still take much of the other herbal tinctures and teas I was using. They are a big help to me and I am happy to receive them as God’s provision for this time in my life. 
Of course, my midwife from Zoe’s birth was on of the first persons I shared the news with. I was so excited to be able to use their care again. I can’t imagine going anywhere else and I have prayed since Zoe was born that if God were to bless me again that He would make an opening in Doran’s schedule for us. Our first appointment is at the end of the month and I cannot wait.
I am going into this pregnancy not in ideal health. I need to be in better physical shape. My last birth exhausted me. Which, yes, I know is normal. However, the exhaustion was much worse than the pain in my opinion. I can remember thinking that I didn’t have the stamina to go on and wondering how I would. Birth is the most intense thing I put my body through, and this time I intend to train for is. I am doing the MuTu workout program along with Blooma Yoga’s Prenatal Yoga. I also walk at least a mile every day (usually more). I’m praying the Lord will sustain me and allow me to keep most of this up to the end. 
So that is the news from here. Another sweet baby! What could be better?

3 thoughts on “Number 5

  1. I know that I am commenting waaay after the fact, but congratulations! I was thinking about you just the other day. I had stepped back from blogging for quite a bit(used to write Making a Joyful Home), but after much prayer, I put my toe back into the online waters (just a little bit). I hope you are well, and I’m so excited for your growing family.


    • Hi Amy! Yes, I remember you. Glad to see you back at blogging. How are you and your family doing (especially that sweet little fellow!)? I’m so glad you stopped by! 🙂


      • Hi Hollie! We are doing well. My son had to have open heart surgery(part of the reason for my online absence), but he has recovered and has become incredibly active. Such a blessing! I hope that you and your growing family are doing well. I love my church, but I’ve missed some of the wonderful folks I knew online!


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