School Plans 2014-15: Morning Circle Time

Scripture to Memorize:
Romans 12:2

  • My Beloved chooses the Scripture we memorize for the most part. Our memory muscles are quite weak so, we are starting very small. We will probably work on one or two short verses a month and see how we do.

Poems to Memorize
Singing Time Rose Flyeman
Whole Duty of Children Robert Louis Stevenson
My Gift Christina Rossetti 
The Arrow and the Song Longfellow
Let Dogs Delight To Bark And Bite Isaac Watts
Little Things Ebenezer Cobham Brewer.
Love Between Brothers and Sisters Isaac Watts  

  • I am pretty sure we won’t get to all these. Memory work is a new thing for us. I have put it on our lists before but it was always neglected. Therefore, I plan to focus a lot on it this year. Whatever we don’t get to will move to next term.

Holy, Holy, Holy
A Mighty Fortress is Our God
Praise to the Lord, the Almighty 

  •  Josh also chooses our hymns. We try to memorize one each month. Over Christmas break I think we will memorize All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent.

Folk Songs:

All The Pretty Little Horses
Billy Boy

  • As you can see, I am not following AO’s schedule here. I always look over their choices and usually end up picking one or two for our list. Rylee is always begging Josh to sing Dixie so I thought it would be a fun one for us to memorize. Emma is a horse lover so I think she’ll enjoy learning All The Pretty Little Horses.

Loop Schedule:
We will be looping through this each day we meet for Circle Time. It is pretty straight forward. I will be following AO’s selections for Plutarch, Shakespeare, and (most likely) Picture Study. I added on the Peace Maker book for kids this year. I’m thinking we’ll use these (free) lesson plans to go with the book. Once we complete the book I will put Polished Cornerstones in this slot on the Loop. Also on the Loop is Current Event. Josh and I will take turns finding articles on current happenings to discuss with the girls.

That about sums up our morning Circle Time. Next time, I will share about our evening Circle Time.


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