School Plans 2014-15: A Schedule

I spent this week completely re-writing our Term 1 schedule for the upcoming year. After watching this planning video from A Sabbath Mood Home-school blog (at least three times) and listening to a talk from Andrew Pudewa on the importance of reading aloud, even to older children, I determined to combine as many subjects and forms as possible. This resulted in nearly all subjects being combined.

Rylee should technically be in AO year two, but I still have to read all her books to her. Emma is going to be in AO year five. Emma is an avid reader, but she tends to just swallow books whole (reading as many as she can in the shortest amount of time possible). So, I figured it would be beneficial to everyone if we did mostly reading aloud this year. This will be easier to manage with Titus, who is two, and Zoe, who is still pretty new, as well. Our schedule above reflects these new changes. Hopefully my voice will hold up. I may have Emma do some of the reading at times too.

I am still toying around with what books to put in what time slots. I think I want to put An Island Story in one of the history time slots. I’m still unsure about geography too. It is a weak area for us. Right now my plan is for us to read and map the Holing C. Holing books. We will alternate that with map drill every other day.

This is our first year doing Latin. At the recommendation of a friend, we will be starting Emma with Visual Latin. Another addition this year is singing. We’re going to learn Sight Singing via this online program. It is really affordable at $28 a year. We can’t afford any other music lessons at this time, so I was really thankful to find out about this.

Having a time based schedule (instead of page numbers) is also new to us. I think this will relax our learning more and increase our joy in learning. I started reading Charlotte Mason’s Home Education this summer and the idea of shorter lessons resonated with me. I have put it into practice a bit this summer and it works well for us.

What isn’t shown on the above schedule is an evening Circle Time. During dinner we are going to attempt a second Circle Time. It will be shorter and involve singing, memory review, and family worship. Evenings have always been a struggle for us. Trying to fit family worship, bedtime stories, baths, dinner, clean up, and more into the four hours of time my Beloved is with us always seemed impossible. We are really hoping a dinner Circle Time will help with that.

Lastly, I attempted to think a little out of the home-school “everything done before lunch” mentality. This was hard to do because I am not comfortable schooling in the afternoons. I really prefer that to stay open for outside time/free play. I decided to utilize the bedtime story slot to read a scheduled book for both girls. I’m really not sure Age of Fable is a good choice for bedtime though. I may change that. I also used Sunday evening family read aloud time for a scheduled read as well.

Hopefully I’ll be back in a few days to write about our Circle Time Plans.


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