June Daybook

Outside My Window … 
The shed and chicken coop are finished. My mom and Emma built them together. We have new chickens, including a hen that is already laying (just not for us yet)! Meet Rose:

Giving Thanks:
For so much! Watching Titus with Zoe is a blessing. He loves to tuck her in at night and then tuck himself in right beside her. He always tries to soothe her when she cries too. It is adorable.

In The School Room: 
We are enjoying a light Summer Circle Time. This includes Hymns, Bible, Read Aloud and Memorization. Right now we are all enjoying the story of Prince Darling in the Blue Fairy Book.

From the Kitchen:

We are working on a simple menu plan and embracing buying in bulk. Simplified Dinners has really helped me to streamline and simplify my menu plans. Now dinner isn’t my least favorite part of the day.  It is easy and stress-free! A definite must for this season of my life.

I am reading: 
I have quite a few things going. I am trying to do pre-reading for all of Ambleside’s Year five books. I am currently reading: George Washington Carver: Man’s Slave Becomes God’s Scientist, Charlotte Mason’s Home Education in Modern English, Death By Living by ND Wilson, and Profiting From The Word by A.W. Pink.

I am listening: 

  • Table Grace – talks from the ladies over at Femina all about food, hospitality, and lots of grace. Excellent! 

I’ve also profited from some really great Dividing Line episodes lately:

And good thoughts from the Circe Institute in this podcast:

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