Life Updates

~ This past weekend we went to a local chicken swap. The chickens are Emma’s project so she was in charge of handling how things went at the swap (for the most part). She went with the intention of selling three of her birds. Two she thought were roosters and we only need/want one rooster for our flock. The other one was an Easter Egger hen but she is terribly flighty. So Emma wanted to let her go.

Our young chicken farmer

Not only did Em get rid of her three birds, she came home with eight new chicks! A friend aptly described this as, “chicken math.” All the chicks she got for free, so it all worked out. Some of the new chicks have feathers on their feet, so I have lovingly dubbed them our “hobbit chickens.” They are so cute!

Meeting the new chickies! 

~Last night we had fun with some friends by having a Mary Kay facial night at the house. Make up is just something that doesn’t happen around here so it was a super special and fun treat! We let the girls get in on the fun and I’m so glad we did. They had a blast. We kept the look very natural and clean. The whole thing made me realize how much I miss wearing a little bit of make up. I think I will start again. It is just so fun. The girls with their make up on:

~Rylee captured a baby Killdeer recently. It wouldn’t eat anything she gave it so this led to an impromptu nature study (the best kind in my opinion!). We learned that Killdeer build their nests on the ground and when the babies hatch they can already run, have their eyes open and are furry. Killdeer stay in their eggs twice as long as tree-birds. Once they are hatched they imprint on their parents immediately. The little ones learn to survive by watching their parents. If separated from their parents they will die because they won’t know what to eat without the example from their parents. Once we learned all this we promptly returned to the spot Ry found the baby and prayed it’s Mama would return. She did almost instantly! We quickly set the baby down and the Mama was very happy to see him. They reconnected and he began trailing along behind her shortly afterwards. Don’t ya love happy endings?

~ I will be 39 weeks later this week! Pretty amazing, isn’t it? The Lord is so good and gracious! He has sustained little Zoe and me this whole pregnancy. I can’t believe we could meet her any day now. Very exciting times.

38 weeks 2 days here.

“For every beast of the forest is Mine,
And the cattle on a thousand hills.

I know all the birds of the mountains,

And the wild beasts of the field are Mine.”

–Psalm 50:10-11


2 thoughts on “Life Updates

  1. Life is Beautiful !!
    Only wish we could be closer so we could partake in the adventures. Hearing the stories is the next best thing though, many thanks! They are always great!


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