Thankful Thursday

Gratitude is the return justly required from the objects of His beneficence; yet it is often withheld from our great Benefactor simply because His goodness is so constant and so abundant. It is lightly esteemed because it is exercised toward us in the common course of events. It is not felt because we daily experience it. 
~A.W. Pink

I just love that quote. Isn’t it so true? The blessings that our merciful God bestows on us hourly are amazing to behold. If we really stop and think about them it is easy to become overwhelmed at God’s goodness toward us. What a merciful and loving Lord I serve! This week had us standing under waterfalls of His gifts just like all the weeks before.

This week Zoe is about 34-35 weeks old. The pregnancy has been uncomplicated and pretty easy which is a blessing. Another huge blessing is that the Lord lead us to an amazing midwife. She is a Christian and the care she provides is amazing. We are all looking forward to our upcoming home-birth which she will over see. And midwife appointments are a favorite for everyone in the family! I’m so thankful to the Lord for sustaining both of us and for His hand on our midwife’s practice 🙂

 We have been trying to get some freezer cooking done this week. I am blessed to have two (usually) eager helpers in these endeavors.

We got an up close look at one aspect of God’s amazing creation this week: a baby rabbit. We rescued it from being dinner for out cat. It was so cute and tiny!

 This book has been such a blessing to me as I prepare for birth. My midwife suggested it when I told her about some fears and anxieties I had been having. It had been the perfect remedy. Why? Because it answers those concerns by pointing us back to the Cross and Christ.

We have for the most part tried to cut high fructose corn syrup from our diets this year. This meant no pickles! That’s pretty bad news for a pregnant mama that loves peanut butter and pickles. I was overjoyed today when God allowed me to stumble upon these in Aldi. Bonus: They were only $1.99! Bless God for these small gifts! (Ahem, yes the jar is empty already … )

The week had plenty of other gifts from God … too many to note, indeed.

~my Beloved fixed our toilets so now they are flushing properly again

~ lots of sunshine for playing, reading and hanging clothes out doors.

~an unexpected and loving note from a friend in the mail.

~sharing in the daily delights of our little toddler which include trains passing by, smoothies, and music.

~lots of hugs and kisses


4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I just love this post so much.
    Mostly because I feel as though I was involved during all these pictures!!
    I missed the days when reading your posts with all that was going on, was stuff I already knew!!


  2. Megan,
    What items are you having the most trouble replacing? It hasn't been too hard for us actually. The hardest things have been jellies, pickles and ketchup. I would be happy to share what replacements we have found for any items I can! 🙂


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