Home Birth: Playlist

Our home-birth is quickly approaching. Though, we don’t know the exact date our daughter will make her entrance into this world, we have an idea that it will be close to May 17th — her due date. This will be our first home-birth and I have made a list of things I would like to do to prepare. (I love lists!)

One of the things on my list is to have a “Birth Play List.” I have been gathering songs that I think will help to create an encouraging and peaceful environment during labor. One of my goals is to stay relaxed as possible during labor and I think the right kind of music can really help with that. I also want to keep my mind focused on the true and beautiful. So, my song selections will reflect that too. Below is the list I have come up with thus far: 

  • Image of God – More Than Rubies
  • Dawn of Grace – More Than Rubies
  • Pray – More Than Rubies 
  • Visible Invisible – More Than Rubies
  • Bless The Lord- More Than Rubies 
  • Shepherd God – More Than Rubies
  • Live and Breathe – More Than Rubies
  • Even Though – More Than Rubies
  • Have Your Eyes Open – Christa Wells
  • This Thing Is Not Gonna Break You – Christa Wells 
  • Shine – Christa Wells 
  • Not What My Hands Have Done – Nathan Clark George
  • The Promise – Nathan Clark George 
  • I Will Rejoice – Nathan Clark George 
  • I Lift Up Mine Eyes – Nathan Clark George 
  • Psalm 111: Praise the Lord – Nathan Clark George
  • The Creed of Timothy – Nathan Clark George 
  • Unless the Lord (Psalm 127) – Nathan Clark George
  • Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent – Nathan Clark George
  • O My Soul Arise – Sovereign Grace Music
  • See He Comes – Sovereign Grace Music
  • Nothing That Might Hands Can Do- Sovereign Grace Music 
  • My Redeemer’s Love- Sovereign Grace Music
  • Grace and Peace – Sovereign Grace Music
  • My Life is An Offering – Sovereign Grace Music 
  • How Deep – Sovereign Grace Music
  • A Mother’s Prayer – The Gettys
  • Perfect Peace – Laura Story
  • Who Is Like The Lord Our God – Wendell Kimbrough
  • Can’t Help Myself – Sandra McCracken 
  • May the Lord Bless and Keep You – Andrew Peterson
  • Planting Trees – Andrew Peterson
  • Magic Hour – Andrew Peterson
  • Deliverer – Vicky Beeching
  • Restless – Audrey Assad 
  • Upon A Life I Did Not Live – Indelible Grace
  • I Am Jesus’ Little Lamb – Indelible Grace
  • Before the Throne of God- Sojourn 
This is my working playlist. I will most likely add more Nathan Clark George to it among other things. Do you have any suggestions for me? 


2 thoughts on “Home Birth: Playlist

  1. I haven't heard a single one of these songs – but I'm going to look up Laura Story's song I love her song Blessings!
    And I've never gone through birth so I don't know what to tell ya! 😉


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