Product Recommendations For Mamas

I have recently found two great products/shops I wanted to share with you! My husband and I are both big believers in supporting small businesses, family businesses, etc. We always try to find an alternative to buying the big box store item if we can. Lately I have found two alternatives for such things and I wanted to share!

First, a lot of mamas are familiar with the very popular Undercover Nursing Tank. Getting one of these tops was on my list of things to do before the birth of our daughter in May. However, they are on the pricey side ($25-$37 +shipping) and they are made in China. (I am not sure if they are made via slave type labor in China or not.) My husband is adamant that we avoid purchasing from China whenever possible, so I knew he wouldn’t be thrilled by that. I decided to search for an alternative. Google searches for “nursing tank made in USA” did yield some results but they were all even more expensive. Then, I remembered Etsy! I logged on, did a search for a nursing tank, and found exactly what I wanted! Fluff Baby Shop sells a product that is very similar to the Undercover model previously mentioned and for a fraction of the price! I was thrilled with this find and excitedly told Josh (my husband) about my discovery. He thought it was great too so I ordered two tops. When I placed the order the stock on the website hadn’t been updated and there was only one available for immediate shipment. The owner contacted me right away (in less than 24 hours) to offer me some options. I choose to wait for the second one to be made. Within a week or so of getting my first tank I received the second one. I was really impressed with the quality of the product. These camis are really comfortable and hook right onto your nursing bar with ease. These products help to make modest nursing possible by keeping your midsection covered when you lift up your top to nurse. The shop owner gave me excellent customer service: keeping communication open and frequent, apologizing for the stocking oversight and even offering me a coupon for future purchases. I would highly recommend this shop and especially her nursing tanks to any mothers!

Second, do to a lot of my recent reading (this website sparked my interest) we have decided to transition to minimalist footwear for our family. This is going to be a slow process. We decided to start with our toddler since he would be the least expensive. I was looking for a leather shoe for him, similar to Robeez. I went to Etsy again to see what I could find. I found these adorable shoes at the Ebooba shop on Etsy and figured they would be perfect:

The price was excellent. I ordered a pair right away. He has been wearing them while outside (because it is not warm enough for bare feet here yet) and they are holding up so well! We walk on pavement, gravel, wet grass, and more and the bottoms aren’t worn in the least. They are made from very soft leather and the quality is apparent just by handling them. This shop is located in Ukraine, but it is still a small business. Due to the location shipping does take a bit longer than usual. I do believe the shoes are worth the wait though. In their shop you will find lots of cute designs for boys and girls alike.

Happy shopping!


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