Weekly Goals

It is time for weekly goals! First, lets check in and see how I did last week. Here were my goals for last week: 

Family/Marriage/Mothering Goals
1. Write love note to Josh. 
2. Finalize 2014 goals with Josh & go over with children. 
3. Take pictures while here (we are visiting family this week and I want to be intentional about capturing memories)
4. Write up January budget with Josh.

Personal Goals
5. Exercise 3xs this week. 
8. Go to bed by 10 pm. 

Business Goals 
9. Make list of business/leadership books to read.
10. Listen to one Silver In Six phone call. 
Hmm … 50%. I guess that’s not so bad, especially considering we were on vacation. I’ve decided to read Raising Maidens of Virtue with Emma this year but I’m not sure when, so that is why it is off the list for this week. 
This week’s goals:

Family/Marriage/Mothering Goals

1. Go through clothes with kids
2. Write Josh a love note
3. Make Goodwill run
4. Go to library 

Personal Goals 
5. Exercise at least 3xs
7. Wake up at 7 am 

Business Goals
8. Find out about using room at library to teach classes
9. Listen to Silver in Six call
10. Put out flexi literature 

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