Weekly Goals

My husband and I have been talking a lot about the upcoming year, 2014. Each year we set goals and make plans. We find the end of one year and beginning of another is a good time to look at where we are as a family and where we would like to be. We pray a lot about the upcoming year and ask God to show us weak areas as well as strengths. One of the things we have decided on for 2014 is to break our somewhat vague, yearly goals into monthly goals at our monthly budget meetings. From there, each week we will each make our own weekly goals. The reason for this is the ‘eating an elephant’ theory. (How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.) I have decided to join a weekly link up at moneysavingmom.com and post my goals online. I believe this will help to keep myself accountable.

Goals for Dec 29th – January 4th

Family/Marriage/Mothering Goals
1. Write love note to Josh. 
2. Finalize 2014 goals with Josh & go over with children. 
3. Take pictures while here (we are visiting family this week and I want to be intentional about capturing memories)
4. Write up January budget with Josh.

Personal Goals
5. Exercise 3xs this week. 
8. Go to bed by 10 pm. 

Business Goals 
9. Make list of business/leadership books to read.
10. Listen to one Silver In Six phone call.

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